Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prayer and Journal Apps

Prayer is essential to life.... and I find that I forget my prayer request notebook and my prayer journal when we go on trips to the hospital or just the local hospital adventures.  I tried a few free prayer apps, but then ended up getting the one that cost $1.99.  It is AWESOME -- it is an app called Prayers for the iPad (not available on the iTouch).  You create lists of people or groups, then when you click on the person, you can add as many prayer requests as you would like for that person/group. When you pray, you can click on "I prayed for this" or "Answered" -- it keeps track of the number of times you prayed for each request. Once the prayer is answered, it gets moved to the answered prayer file.  You can then click on "answered prayers" to see how many prayers have been answered. Can't wait to see how many prayers have been answered in a year!

iJournal is perfect-- it is the first journal with blank pages.... you create it from scratch.  I think this one is also only available for iPad. I'm trying to add notes from my latest prayer journal to the new iJournal.  The colest part is that I can search iJournal.... unlike my regular prayer journal! If I want to look up what I have written about forgiveness, I can do that.... or I can search my pastor's homilies, etc.  It really is super cool to be able to search the journal.

Neither App is "Catholic", but they are a great addition to my life.  I can reflect on Scripture or my favorite Saint's quotes.... then later find them easily. 

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Lisa said...

Wow! That is really awesome! :-)