Saturday, May 5, 2012

God, Healthcare and Our Week

Thanks for the comments on my recent post.  To sum it up for those who might have been confused, I am not saying we are not to help our brothers and sisters.  Jesus didn't tell us to give our money to the government and let the government take care of people-- He told us to do it.  It is not the responsibility of government.  Again, that doesn't mean our church shouldn't be helping the poor, or that we should not be helping the poor.  I do not believe Jesus told us to put a gun to someone's head to steal the money (taxes) -- He wants us to give it freely.

The problem with government healthcare is that when government becomes involved, the government decides what is and is not covered. Children die.  We know children who have died because Medicaid refused to allow them to go to another state for treatment.  Obamacare will do the same. When people who lack faith (Sebilius, Pelosi, Reid), they force those of us who do have faith to do things we are morally opposed to-- HHS mandate. They decide that abortion is covered and our tax dollars fund these murders.

It isn't anyone's responsibility to take care of our medical bills.  Have we had people help?  Certainly. But we did not ask, demand or beg.  It is a blessing when people want to help.  I believe that God is involved in our lives through the people who have helped us.  God calls them to help, not the government. 

We've had a very crazy week.   The toe infection rages on. Ended up at the ped with her calling the hem/onc who is also an infectious disease doctor.  She was very concerned because after a week on Cipro (and 6 weeks on Clindamycin) the toe looked the same to her.  We went for an x-ray to see if the infection had spread to the bone. It was good, so we didn't have to cart ourselves to the hem/onc clinic.  In addition to the Cipro, we have added Bactrim. If the toe is not better when we see her on Wednesday, it is off to the hem/onc clinic that day.

Here I thought we had a few weeks with nothing medical going on.  We went to the GI clinic yesterday.  It went well.  They were running behind and we sat around the hospital for a bit. Very thankful for electronic devices.

Monday, I recheck my retinal hemorrhage.  It was most likely just a fluke.  I'm already lamenting the fact that I do not have the time for me to have doctor appointments! I'm praying really hard that the rally on June 8th is a success. I already have the federal permit, but the police permit has not arrived. The Sgt said it shouldn't be a problem last month, but has ignored my recent contact.  Pray!  The marriage rally had trouble getting permits, so I wonder if there is something going on there?

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Anonymous said...

Well I believe that if the Obamacare uses the VA as any kind of model we are all in for a world of hurt. That is the most inefficiently run organization. Schedule appointments and then cancel them and never reschedule. Talk to real live person to schedule, do not hold your breath. We will continue to PAY for private health care. Want nothing to do with Obamacare.

We will continue to pray for the June 8 rally. Marriage is such an important topic in our country. Marriage can only be between one man and one woman. Makes me wonder why any man would want more than one emotional woman. We can definitely be crazy at times.