Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Infection Update

The toe drama continued last week. We've been battling J's toe infection for over 4 months. We saw the pediatrician who felt we might need IV antibiotics and sent us to the hem/onc clinic to see the hem who is also an infectious disease doctor.  He felt we could increase the Cipro dose to 750 mg BID from 500mg BID and continue the Bactrim.  Here's hoping it works. So far, there may be slight improvement.  We also started doing Betadine soaks instead of Epsom salt, Vinegar or antibacterial soap soaks. 

It was a wild week!  I'm praising God that we did not have to be admitted.  God is good!

S has finished Biology and History for the year!  J has finished Science and M is working hard in all subjects.  It really was hard to get work done last week while we spent each day at the hospital or doctor's office.  We saw immunology and did further work up... and are considering daily Bactrim.

Maybe I'll get back in the grove and start blogging a bit more. I've been spending my spare time preparing for our upcoming Stand Up For Religious Freedom rally. 

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