Thursday, June 3, 2010

Broken, broken, broken.

Over the last six weeks both air conditioners have gone out.  We had one is currently broken again. We waited about 4 weeks to get it fixed!    Our gas gauge broke on the old truck I tootle around in--I ran out of gas because I wasn't used to keep track of mileage! Sean was a trooper and didn't complain as we sat in the hot truck and waited for a friend to rescue us!  A large tree split in two-- had to have it removed.  Our septic had problems and our oven died two weeks ago.  We got our new oven delivered here today.  Hoping we have no issues with hubby installing it.  OH...and our printer broke last night!  Kodak is sending us a new one-- Kodak is great!

How do we deal with chaos and brokenness in our lives?  I just have to laugh when things break.  God certainly has a sense of humor, that is for sure.  Between all the medical issues we deal with daily, there are far too many more important things to deal with. I think God has been trying to teach me a lesson...not to worry about the unimportant things in life.  I have to say, the new oven is awesome, but when replacing a 24 year old oven, it would be pretty hard not to be AWESOME when in the running, right? As St. Julian of Norwich says, "all will be well."  These annoying things are only a blink of an eye compared to all we just have to laugh and keep plodding onward! I was thinking about all these broken things and it is kind of like us --- we are broken. When we get to heaven we'll be upgraded to a new model! For all eternity-- no more brokenness!  Alleluia!

Two pictures for today-- our house with the missing tree-- it completely changes the landscape--still not used to the tree being gone! The tree blocked the view of our house from the street...... thankfully, nothing was damaged.  And a pic of the new oven.  I love to cook and it has been two long weeks waiting!    I have what some would call a boring life.  I like my garden and I really like my new oven!

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