Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are Children of God

Today, I am reminding myself that we ARE children of God.  We deserve respect and do not need to settle.  Over the last week, my middle son has been especially heartbroken over events he witnessed Monday night after his baseball game. My other two boys and their friend are not as affected, but they weren't in the center of the whole ordeal.

This week, we have prayed and tried to make sense of  events.  In the end, we will never know what makes some folks angry when we, as parents, take on the role of primary educators of our children. Pope John Paull II, spoke of this often.....and he wasn't referring to academics alone, but education in the Catholic faith and in everything our children do.  We, as parents, are the primary educators!  When coaches or other outside influences become upset that we are coaching, teaching and training our childen, there is nothing that we can do about it.  God has entrusted these children to US and not to anyone else!

It still hurts.  The anger and yelling, the craziness over a game -- the game of baseball.  Last I looked, baseball doesn't get you to heaven.  In our world, baseball and sports really are not that important.  When we juggle cathing, bone marrow biopsies, infusing blood products weekly and the lot, sports just aren't that important.  While we want our children to strive to do well in sports and all of their activities, a season like this where they have only won one game, it just is not a big deal. 

As we head out to the field for the last game of the season (there is talk they may have two more games next week), we hope that all will be well, adults will behave as adults and that we can move forward from this life lesson with clarity of heart and mind, knowing that we ARE children of God and do not need to settle -- that we do not need to allow ourselves to be spoken to in a manner that is not fitting for a child of God.

Hold tight to your faith and your children!  Do not let distractions keep you from your role as primary educator!  God is with you on this journey and He will never lead you.  I believe that satan wants us to give up our God-given parental duties -- it would make it easier for satan to slip in the door!

May the Holy Spirit guide me in word and deed today and always!

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