Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randolph County TEA Party

What an amazing group of people!  I was humbled to speak to them.  When I was asked to speak, I couldn't help but think, "Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say!?"  I am still amazed by the response to my confronting Kay Hagan.  I'm just an average American homeschooling mom with two sick kids.  To be honest, it realy wasn;t that hard to confront Senator Hagan.  Maybe my Army background had something to do with that.  My love for my kids and my passion for America made it just happen.  Other than some of the questions I wanted answered on a notecard, I was not prepared to speak to hagan that day.

In fact, I almost did not go because, as I told a friend that morning, "I really don't like her and I am not sure if I can be nice.'  I don't like ANYTHING that Kay Hagan stands for.  She is pro-choice, pro- big government and pro-Obamacare.  She doesn't value life and gives absolutely no thought to the dignity of each human person! 

Here is an article on the TEA Party meeting last night:  Curran Speaks at Randolph County Tea Party

I'm really not as funny as the reporter makes me sound!  I think she did a great job on the article.  THANK YOU! I am just so amazed.  Great things are happening in this country.  WE THE PEOPLE are standing up for liberty.  Like Virginia Foxx said when she spoke to Triad Students for Life a few weeks ago, "The three most important words outside the Bible are: WE THE PEOPLE."

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