Friday, August 20, 2010

What a week!

This has been a wild week.  Who knew that my confronting Senator Kay Hagan would turn into anything at all. For almost two years, I have written letters, faxed, emailed and called her office too many times to count.  I am quite sure I am on a watch list somewhere.  Tomorrow morning, I will be on FOX and Friends.  How absolutely amazing is that?  I still cannot believe that anyone at FOX News would want to speak to me....  We all have a story to tell, I suppose.  Mine is that I have two kids with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome and Mitochondrial Disease.    In between all of this, I spent time fighting to keep the healthcare bill from passing..... so Wednesday morning was almost two years of pent up frustration.

I don't have a clue what will happen tomorrow morning.  I don't know what questions will be asked of me.  What I do know is that God will provide the words.  I have been praying that the Holy Spirit will help me articulate what needs to be said.

Something I have been thinking about tonight as tomorrow fast approaches.  The unborn, the elderly and the chronically ill are targeted in this bill.  But what is scarier than that is the July 7th appointment by Obama.  This is the icing on the cake for those of us with sick kids.  Berwick was appointed  to head the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and he is quoted as saying, "The chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80% of the total health care bill out there. There is going to have to be a very difficult democratic conversation that takes place. The decision is not whether or not we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open." 

With Berwick in charge of CMS and this exponentially flawed healthcare bill, Americans should be scared about what is to come.  Especially those of us with kids that have special healthcare needs.

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