Monday, April 25, 2011

He is Risen!

Happy Easter! It is always hard to get back to work on Easter Monday.  We're trying.  We had a great time at the beach last week, followed by an interesting sleep study Thursday night. Joseph actually slept without waking up.  The tech said he did not see any apnea events, but that we'd have to wait to see if the doctor sees something he missed.  He also reported that Joseph was rough on the wires!  Said he had to recalibrate things through the night because he was so restless in his sleep.  The last thing he said is that Joseph had a lot of leg movements that the doctor may want to treat, but we'd have to see what the report says.  The tech thinks the leg movements and limb movements may be what wakes him up.  We just have to be patient and wait for the sleep study report.

It was the first Holy Thursday we missed in years. Matthew made it and served. Friday, he and Sean served...and then Joseph and Matthew served at the Easter Vigil.  I love Easter!  Saturday, I made my traditional lamb cake and was a little sad that none of the boys wanted to color Easter eggs.  *sniff, sniff* They are all grown up.

My white irises started blooming on Holy Saturday and the purple ones bloomed on Easter Sunday. So very pretty.  Our cherry tree is no longer blooming, the tulips have died out but other flowers are starting to pop up.  I love spring! I made a pop-up daffodil card and will share the tutorial video here later today.  It is the size of a real daffodil and I made it using a heart shaped punch.  I also worked on a more complicated bouquet pop-up card for the Twosday's Techniques site this week.  It is so pretty... once I got how to make the flowers pop up and fold in neatly, I was very excited. It is perfect for Mother's Day!

I'm happy to also report that I lost just over 23 pounds over Lent.  I am going to try to keep away from sugar... well... only two more weeks to complete the diet with my friend, then I am going to try to be sugar free Monday-Thursday, fast on Fridays and do what I want on Saturday and Sunday.  I figure this would be a god balance to keep the weight off.  I really like the taste of sugar and detest sugar substitutes.   Well, here's hoping!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks of spring:

Lamb Cake. I make one every year!

Sean in our Cherry Tree

Henry on Easter Morning

Henry checking out the baskets...maybe he smells the Easter bunny!

Sean with my lamb cake pan
Purple and White Irises
Lilac Bloom

White Iris

Valentine sleeping on Sean during spring break

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