Friday, April 29, 2011

Henry the Bunny

As we already know, God has a sense of humor. If you haven't read about Henry, our chronically ill bunny, check out my original "Bunny Tales" article. Henry is sick again. Snuffles.

Henry has an appointment at the vet this afternoon at 3:30 and we're looking at more antibiotics. I know that it has to be God, because I've never had a bunny so sick. Henry had complications with neutering, infection and bleeding for two weeks afterward. Then, he developed cellulitis on his ear, then a hematoma that required ear surgery (hematomas are rare in bunnies, we are told), respiratory problems from snuffles requiring many antibiotic injections and nebulizer treatments. At some point, I believe I have posted pictures of the bunny nebulizer that we built. Very interesting, indeed. Henry has also been diagnosed with asthma, just like Joseph.

Henry is a strong little guy, just like my kids. He gets these illnesses and seems to recover well enough. Sometimes taking a month to heal, but you'd never know it because he has such a great personality. He thumped once when his ear was swollen from the hematoma, but nothing more.

I sometimes wonder why God allowed this sick bunny to come into our lives and not a healthy little bunny. Perhaps, He knew our family would care for Henry and do what it takes to keep him healthy. We've been able to see the compassion with which Joseph cares for Henry, too. Joseph tells everyone that Henry is his life as a bunny. As he tells folks, "He gets infections after surgery, just like me. He has asthma, just like me. He gets cellulitis, just like me. Henry is my life as a bunny!"

Luckily, Valentine seems to be a healthy stray cat!

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