Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Around the World!

We are having so much fun learning about other places through our Postcrossing experiment! We've received many post cards already. We sent a card to a lady in Serbia, who messaged me on Postcrossing that she was also Catholic and that she would like to send us post cards of her church.  Very intersting thing happened! She sent me a post card with a quote from my favorite saint. The quote is in Hungarian, but his name is clear! St. Josemaria is my favorite saint!  Another lady from Poltava sent a beautiful post card made with her drawing.  She has a blog where she shares her artwork with the world!  Viktoriia's Blog She has the most wonderful drawings of shoes!  The blog is all in another language, but the art is gorgeous! 

Here are the post cards we have received:

From Barcelona, Spain- the Basilica de la Sacrada Familia

Card from Poltava. Victoriia's art.

Card from Germany

Our new Serbian friend's Church

Inside the Serbian church -the parish church of St. Elisabeth

Card from our Serbian friend with St. Josemaria's quote in Hungarian

Card from England
 Postcrossing is so much fun!  Give it a whirl!

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