Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under Repair

Typical homeschool days are hard to find. Always something, right? Doctor appointments, repair men, and life. Right now, I am hoping everyone finishes the 4th quarter by July 9th! Our middle son cannot get his driver's permit if he doesn't finish his research paper.  You'd think that would be motivation.....but alas, the repair man, an unusual sight in our house, was a huge distraction today! 

Better to do everything yourself, right?  Hubby couldn't because of his work schedule and the inability to get parts....the service company already had them.  They "fixed" the dishwasher on Friday, but damaged something in the process.  YIKES!  We have a Bosch.  I love my Bosch-- it turns off if it leaks from the inside.  We found its only flaw....... it doesn't stop if it leaks on the OUTSIDE!  Had to rip up flooring today.  Not really a big deal, I suppose, since we do have extra flooring in the basement.  The day we bought the house, I said, "It is a dumb idea to have wood in the kitchen."  Yep.... black mold... not too far back, but evidence that water was getting between the wood all these years.  We'd just never had a massive amount of water that caused it to buckle. Luckily, the damage wasn't too much and the mold was contained to one small area near the sink.  I see tile in my future! Here's what my boys watched today....other than watching the repairman fix the dishwasher.

 We haven't had a repairman here very often....I think 2 repairmen in 6 years.  Not bad.  I wanted to put a plug in for my Bosch.  It is quiet, cleans like no tomorrow and I have run it 2-3 times a day for 6 years.  The pump went.... but I figure with the amount of use (repair guy says the average family runs their dishwasher 3 times a week!) we put about 12 years on it.

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