Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heading to NYC

This week, I will be attending the 6th International Congress on Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome.  I'll be posting my notes on the SDS blog.  Pray for all my guys...... no one is used to mom being gone.

My train leaves at 3am and I found myself in WalMart searching for another travel pillow tonight around 9 pm.  There is a story about my travel pillow.  You see, I have three boys and one day several months ago, I noticed the pillow was missing from the car.  A month went by and I still couldn't find my pillow.  One day, a friend's daughter noticed this bright pink "thing" in the tree.  Yes, in the tree.  My pillow was in the tree. At first, the boys had no idea how the pillow came to be in the tree.  I had an idea that it was used as a basketball, as it was in the tree just behind the basketball goal. Later, the youngest fessed up to tossing it and trying to make it in the goal, then it went higher and higher until it landed in said tree.

Ten hours on a train....... whatever shall a mom do?  I'm bringing my rosary along for the journey and hope to read a bit.  Of course, I may just sit, stare and enjoy the quiet with no one calling, "Mom, mom, MOOOOOM!"  It has been a long time since I've been away from my people!

I'm excited to learn more about the latest research on Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome, but am not looking forward to the long days of presentations.  I'm hoping the room has a window!  We'll be at the New York Academy of Sciences at 7 World Trade, so I hope to escape to St. Peter's Church during lunch. I was excited to see their Mass schedule.  They have Masses daily at 7 and 7:45 am and at 12:05 and 1:05 pm!  Of course we all know this church because of 9/11 events, but did you know that this was the church were St. Elizabeth Ann Seton converted to Catholicism? 

I'm back to normal after my Cleopatra episode and I'm ready to go to NYC to the International Doctor's Congress.  Hope to get sleep on the train so I can keep up!  

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