Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

He is risen! Alleluia!

Happy Easter! This has been a very quiet Easter around here. S did well playing piano at church (he also sang) and M did a great job singing. Not bad after serving at the vigil mass last night.  The vigil lasted two hours and 40 minutes.  They got home just after 11:00pm and went straight to bed.  Tomorrow will be our last day off for Easter.  We're having friends over for an afternoon of fun and games. It seems like everyone goes back to school or work on Easter Monday, but since we didn't take any time off until Holy Thursday, we're taking tomorrow off, too!  Then it will be back to work for us!  Around the World Night will be here before you know it!

Fr. K always has good messages in his homilies.  I think he has repeated himself a lot over the years, but he's retired, so he can do that!  He likes to use acronyms to help people remember things.  APA was today's.  Jesus is Alive, Present and Active.  I have to remember that when I'm not feeling Him with me!  Which seems to be a lot lately.  I rely on my intellectual knowedge to get me through those dry moments when I don't "feel" Him.  As I was walking tonight (now that it is spring, I might get out to walk each day!) I was thinking about things.  I have so much jumbled in my head.  Do you ever have so much happen that the thoughts just go crazy in your head and you can never make any sense of any of them?  That's wat my brain has been like for many months.  Probably years, but it has been really bad thelast several months.

Trying to figure out what it is that God wants or what He is planning can be crazy-making.  We all try to do it.  I eventually give up, but for now, I am trying to make sense of this new diagnosis.  That is what was running through my head as I walked long.  Why two diseases? Why two uncurable diseases? What does this mean for their future?  Too bad my thoughts didn't burn calories.  I'd be really skinny if my thoughts could burn a few!

Then I was reminded that none of us knows what the future brings-- not even for our healthy children.  What we DO know is that Jesus rose from the dead and that He is with us.  We know that no matter what happens in this world, He has already won.  While it is great to have answersand a name to call teh monster when they are having bad days, it doesn't change what we are dealing with!

We have a week without any appointments and I hope this means that we can catch up on school work and everything around the house. Maybe I will be able to get my thoughts sorted now that we have a little less chaos! Looking forward to spring, baseball and gardening.  Just so glad to have a week without any appointments!  Yeah!

Our friend Jasmine was able to go home from the hospital after 4 months!  She will have to go back for weekly clinic visits.  What a wonderful Easter blessing!  Please keep praying for our friend, Brandon.  He had hsi transplant last month and is still in the hospital. 

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