Monday, April 12, 2010

Meagan's Flat Stanley Arrived and Ant Farms.....

First, we had to pick up a prescription at Target today.  Joseph got a two for one deal-- a sinus infection and cellulitis on his toe. We found these cute little ant farms for $1.00.  It comes with instructions on how to collect ants for your farm and everything  The gel is food and water enough for quite a few ants!

Second, we are very excited that Meagan's Flat Stanley arrived today!  We started a blog for Stanley:  Sean took a picture with Stanley as soon as he arrived and we've got it posted there as our first entry.

Stanley is looking forward to helping us with our ant farm, too.  Here is a picture of Stanley with our ant farm.  We haven't collected any ants yet, but we're working on that. Stanley is ready for an exciting adventure in North Carolina.

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