Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Writing assignment:  The History of te Post Office.  The younger two have been studying and writing about this topic-- from Airmail to the Pony Express.  I wasn;t even aware there was so much to the subject!

It has been a long time since we've had time ot spend at home cleaning.  God seems to have other plans when we have a day without anywhere to go!  This week we have no appointments and that has not happened in a long time! Joseph's cellulitis and sinus infection has cleared up for hee most part.  Tomorrow is his last day on antibiotics.  We hope it stays away! He's been more tired than usual, but overall doing okay! 

In the last few days, I have dusted the entire house, scrubbed the floors, redid my first aid kit, rearranged ll the medical supplies and even had time to go through all of their medications! We were even able to get more seeds planted in the garden.  Now I need to work on a bit of spring cleaning for my soul! God will certainly provide the tools for that!

Monday was senior center day at the library.  The boys went with dad to check out books an I made cards with the seniors.  It was fun!  I posted my cards here:  Pattie's Cards

This coming weekend, Matthew is going to a Catholic Youth Conference to talk about his group, Triad Students for Life he and two of his friends will be speaking.  Sean has hsi first baseball game Saturday!  He is really excited about the game!  he is on the Indians again.

Our friend Jasmine had a good checkup in Boston today.  She gets to go back every two weeks.  She is happy to be at home after her bone marrow transplant.  Brandon is on his 82nd day in the hospital and is hoping to come home soon.  His mom says he is still throwing up from one of his medications and his counts need to be a bit higher before he is able to go home.  Please keep praying for them both.


Candise and Crew said...

We homeschool our 3 boys in St. Joseph, Missouri, which was the headquarters of the Pony Express. Would your boys like an email pen pal concerning their postal unit study?
Candise & Crew

Pattie said...

That would be great!