Friday, April 9, 2010

Freedom and Prudence

A recent thread on my oldest son's Facebook is the inspiration behind this post (the thread was deleted!).  It was a shocking revelation on many levels. First in that some teenagers think using vulgar language is appropriate and somehow connotes intelligence. Secondly, that some teens lack the total understanding of freedom.  Just because one has freedom to curse and use foul language,  it does not mean that one should use such language.  Honestly, it shows lack of self discipline and prudence.  It shows lack of maturity. 

Prudence is the word of the day here at our house. Prudence is one of the four Cardinal Virtues.

Prudence: 1) the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason 2) shrewdness in the management of affairs 3) skill and good judgement in the use of resources 4) caution or circumspection as to danger or risk

I have the freedom to do many things.  I could run naked down the street, but prudence dictates that it would not be a wise choice!  Like I said to my boys this morning, what do you think of a person who only has the ability to convey thoughts using foul language without ever answering any debate points?  If you ran into the street cursing, what would the neighbors think of you?  It would certainly lower their opinion of you!  While I am not one to worry about what others think of me, there is obviously an innate desire to want respect of others. We live in a civil society where civility is maintained by people exercising their freedoms with prudence!

Another shocking revelaton-- that essays are considered to be "intelligent" when they string together foul language.  I told my boys this morning, that all it does is show a lack of vocabulary skills.  If one is unable to make a point without filthy language, what does that say about his command of the English language? I would think an essay containing any foul language would receive a zero.  It certainly would in my house!  I would read no further than the dirty word and the end.  F would be marked and assignment redone from scratch. Using filthy language does not connote intelligence or that the writer understands his topic.

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