Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Personality Traits

God gives us each a special set of unique personaility traits. Sure, some people have some of the same traits, but no one is exactly the same. I was thinking today after someone told me to "relax", "Hey! Wait a minute!I like me! God knows hat He is doing!" I am truly a Type A, ex-Army officer, high strung, perfectionist personality. Hubby will tell you that I don't relax. I don't. I am one of those people who has to work to relax. Relaxing doesn't come naturally to me.

I like myself and while my traits can be anoying from time to time, they serve my family well. God knew what He was doing! These traits that can sometimes be seen as a burden to have, quite literally, saved my boys' lives. In order to homeschool, one must pay attention to details and be organized. Today, I am thanking God for the gifts He has given me. Including my personailty traits. I am fearfully and wonderfully made as the Psalm proclaims.  I do have to remind myself of that -- especially when I get down on myself about my own traits and wonder why it is God made me this way!  All I have to do is to look at my boys and know that God had a plan for everything.  he knew what gifts and talents I would need to take care of my boys' medial needs and my family. He is an awesome God!

Good thing I have a calendar, too.  Until Tuesday I forgot that I had one appointment for the boys this week. One next week. Very exciting for us! We are using the time to catch up on school and enjoy not having to go to so many appointments.

Don't forget to thank God for all of your traits and talents.  Please keep Jasmine and Brandon in your prayers.  Jasmine is at home, going to clinic weekly post-transplant and Brandon is still in the hospital waiting for his new bone marrow cells to grow.  Pray for engraftment, grow cells, grow!

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