Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Letter Writers Alliance

Anyone who really knows me, knows I love to write letters. I have written letters since I was in grade school. There is just something absolutely amazing about getting a letter in the mail. Especially letters with what I call mail art.

I found a wonderful book titled Good Mail Day. So many fun things to do with your letters and mail. One of the links the book contained was to The Letter Writers Alliance. I'm proud to announce that I just purchased my $3 membership and can't wait to get to writing!

By the end of this week, I am going to post information for a letter writing, mail art challenge. I'd love to see what beautiful creations land in my mailbox. I'll be sure to respond with a thank you! Ideas are cooking in my head! This is going to be fun.

Art and letters are a break from the stresses of life, are they not? I'm always looking for that special something to put in a letter or on a postcard. Creative packages are fun to send to people in the hospital, too. One of my favorite techniques is blackout painting-- I think I shared the photo on my blog before. I plan on posting photos of some of my new mail creations.

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea, and I am so glad someone is promoting snail mail!
Nothing can replace the written word, especially when it's from someone special. Letters from my parents and grandparents are especially dear, now that they are gone. Just a glimpse of each distinctive hand brings back a flood of memories.
My best friend/"sister" and I treasure over 300 letters we've written each other over the past 37 years.
While we've always tried to seek out lovely stationary (MUCH harder to find now than in years past,) I suppose our exchanges are rather ordinary looking. For some time, we always used sealing wax and stamps.
I am not the artsiest person, but I will check in to see what others create!
In Christ,