Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Captain's Log: Stardate 65334.3 Feast of All Saints

Captain's Log: Stardate 65334.3 Feast of All Saints:  I entered a strange dimension where my children forgot the daily homeschooling routine. It was as if they'd never done a day of school in their lives. Thankfully, I followed Cupid, our fearless cat, through a portal back into our own dimension. I was only gone 5 minutes in our current dimension, but spent an hour in the alternate dimension. The children in this dimension are much better behaved. I wonder if they were warned somehow....maybe Valentine found the portal first....
While quite unruly, the children in the other dimension were much better at taking their pills. 
You know you are a Catholic family when the night before the Feast of All Saints one of your children says, "Are they picking up the trash tomorrow? It is a holiday, it is All Saints Day!"   Sean was serious as could be.  Little did he know that not everyone celebrates All Saints Day......  
Happy All Saints Day, y'all!

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