Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are Toes Really THAT Important?

After 3 weeks on antibiotics ( a few days between rounds) and the toe being drained 3 times, we are still battling an infected toe.  It is pretty crazy, isn't it?  Yesterday, the doctor prescribed 20 more days of Clindmycin and we hope to be able to have the procedure next week. J not having an immune system is the pits! In five months, he's had three different toes become infected from scratches or cuts.  Here's hoping this is the last!

The Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally is coming along nicely.  We have Fr. John Eckert opening with a prayer and a few words and one of our Republican Forsyth County commissioners, Debra Conrad, closing with a few words and a prayer.  A friend is working on finding someone to sing the National Anthem at the beginning. This is going to be a great afternoon.

I called every church in Kernersville that was listed in the yellow pages today and started my way through all of the Winston-Salem churches. I had a very positive response!  Praise be to God.

I've never planned a protest, so this is a first. I'm learning as I go.  Here's hoping J's toe is healed by the time the rally rolls around!  Would you offer a prayer?

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