Thursday, March 29, 2012

Interesting Gas Station Encounter

Today has been an eventful day on the political front.  First a reader comment about me published in the Winston-Salem Journal and an interesting gas station encounter.   I brought my middle son to the orthodontist this morning and we stopped for gas on our way back home.  As you can see, my suburban is a work of art and a definite conversation starter.

The gas station attendant was an elderly gentleman and he said to me, "I'm surprised your window hasn't been shot out with that sign on it."   He was friendly enough.  I had to laugh because, really, if you had a choice between the window or the back of my car, which would you say made a better target?

I think he may have been conservative because he seemed to like some of my bumper stickers.  I just thought it was an interesting encounter. The Winston-Salem Journal called to verify my sending in a letter in response, so maybe it will be published tomorrow.  I'm sure it will open me up for more attacks.  It's okay-- I'm a big conservative girl.  I can handle the heat. Heck, I do drive around in this white suburban, after all.

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Lisa said...

You are so awesome, my friend! You are brave, full of courage and definitely walk the walk and talk the talk. You live your faith and you are such an inspiration and example! God bless you this Holy Week!