Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Ha and the Opera

Below is my response to the Director of the Piedmont Opera and the artist who felt it was appropriate to display such filth at Student Night at the Opera. The TV station didn't even show the artwork on TV, THAT says it all. (Note: I use the word who ha because I wasn't allowed to use V on TV and I don't think V should be splattered all over my blog. Lastly, it adds a bit of humor to a pretty disgusting topic) Feel free to post comments, but posts that are vulgar will not be approved. Unlike Piedmont Opera, I will allow differing points of view, however, I will not allow ANY views to be posted if they contain vulgarity.

I am all for first amendment rights and the artist is free to attack the Catholic Church with her art and words. They should respect the rights of parents to opt out! ARRRGH The reason I speak of the "persecution" and Catholic Church in my response to his interview is because he used the "persecution" notion to support the Opera's choice to display the V.

Those of you who are angered about my use of who ha, read my post here

Who Ha and the Opera from Pattie Curran on Vimeo.

To see my interview on WXII, go to this link:


Lisa said...

Wow, Pattie! My husband and I just watched this and were very impressed! You go girl! You amaze me with your articulate expression and passion!

Christine said...

I'm behind you all the way & if the comments after the newspaper article weren't linked to Facebook (gave up for Lent), I would have jumped in....believe me, I was tempted. The title of thos art show being *Persecution* perfectly demonstrates the Left's favorite trick of accusing others of their own sins. I'm sure there wasn't any art depicting Obama kicking Catholics out of hospitals & schools & covering the churches windows, so others won't be exposed to their Christianity! That's pretty ironic considering this was to highlight "The Crucible."

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Bravo, Pattie! I just watched your video. God bless you for speaking up!

Jessica - Garden of Francis said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...


How can you let your children outside when THIS vulgarity is on display 24/7 in the middle of your beloved community?

This must be torn down so that the 18 year olds don't have to feel inadequate.