Friday, March 23, 2012

Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally- Winston-Salem, NC

Within five minutes of arriving at the rally site, five US Marshals were already talking to me and asking for our permit to protest. A few minutes after that, the Winston-Salem Police Department was doing the same! 

I'm currently uploading the video segments of the rally. We made it onto three different news stations tonight, though I can't find the video segments on line for all of them. The Winston-Salem Journal was also present. Here is a link to the News 14 video segment on the rally.You can see the FOX 8 news link here.

A family from Pakistan posted this photo on our Facebook Wall It really brought tears to my eyes knowing that families around the world were standing with us in prayer and support!

We had over 250 people turn out for our rally in Winston-Salem, NC. God is good! Here are a few photos from today:

Mark Speaking

Fr. John being interviewed

Fr. John Speaking

Grace being Interviewed

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