Saturday, March 17, 2012

V versus the Who ha

Wow, who knew it would be such a hot topic. I received a funny, but vulgar comment this morning. I can't post it on my blog, but it is worth writing about.

So, why did this crazy Catholic woman opt to use "who ha" instead of the "V" word? To answer the angry commenter from this morning, I used it for several reasons. The first reason being that the news reporter said not to use it on air. I figured if they can't use it on the news, I shouldn't use it on my blog-- it might get blocked by certain software, too. I would ask that you angry folks on the left get a sense of humor! Really, you are angry because in my video I used the phrase "who ha"? (Note: if you comment using the V word in full, your comment will not be published. If you are vulgar in ANY way, your comment will not be published)

One lady commenting asked why I was afraid of the V word. I'm not afraid of the V word. My children know the V word. We use the V word in appropriate situations. I don't believe ladies and gentlemen use the V word over and over again in public discourse. It just isn't polite to talk about them and display pictures (art or otherwise)of them in public unless you are, perhaps, at an OB/GYN conference. Or if you are in public and a woman should have a life threatening issue with her V or go into labor, one might talk to arriving EMTs using the V word. I've had to use the V word when going to the doctor with elderly women. I'm not "afraid".

As another example to this situation, my children know the P word. However, we do not walk around talking about their Ps. If one of my boys happens to forget he is in boxers, yes, I have said that they need to check their P because their mother doesn't need to see that. When my one son has had abscesses on his P, we called it a P when speaking to the doctor (he is immune compromised, so he gets abscesses and infections). That being said, we don't look at pictures of Ps outside of sex education or human anatomy class, we don't display them and we don't talk about Ps in public.

Really? Do we, as a society, lack all decorum? I really do not understand why anyone would be so upset over my using the term "who ha" Again, I am not trying to censor anyone-- nope-- if you want to use the V word or plaster Vs all over your home, business, etc... feel free to do so. If, however, you market ANYTHING to a group of students, I think it would be POLITE to let the parents know you have Vs hanging up.

Why are people so offended over politeness? Is politeness really something to become angry over?

Some people were worried that my children were not "educated" and that they would have a strange sexuality. No, they know about the birds and the bees and are educated. Thanks for your concern, but we really don;t need your input on how to raise our children. This is the same reason we felt the V at the opera was wrong-- we don;t need an opera director and and artist challenging our children to think about that which we consider to be vulgar. We actually want them to have a HEALTHY sexuality and NOT a perverse porn problem later in life.

Just a warning-- if you go to the sites below, there are vulgar comments (unless they have been removed by the webmaster)
WSJ article:

WXII interview:


Lisa said...

They do seem to be allergic to politeness, respect and decorum. And, of course, they cannot be "tolerant" of our opinions, we only need to be "tolerant" of theirs. Go figure!

Nancy said...

I stumbled upon your blog, and I couldn't agree more! I found myself nodding along. I too want my kids to have a healthy sexuality, which doesn't make them prudes or strange. I just makes them healthy! I am right with you! Preach on!

I will happily be following your blog. Although not as verbose, my sister and I also have a blog celebrating catholic motherhood in all the small ways. We would love to have you stop by. I am excited to be part of this Catholic blogging community!