Friday, March 2, 2012

I Have a Say Catholic Moms Campaign

Fr. John started a blog in response to Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards asking women to videotape themselves and "have their say" about the HHS mandate.  Cecile Richards doesn't speak for me.  Fr. John's blog: I Have A Say Because My Parents Didn't Abort Me or Use Contraception

A group of Catholic moms has decided to start a photo campaign of "I have a Say"  pictures.    We all have a say. Cecile doesn't speak for us. Visit Catholic Sistas, too! 


RobinBird said...

Amen! While I may live in Canada and technically don't have a say, I just wanted to offer my support and prayers! Bless you all for taking a stand. There's a reason the Catholic Church has outlasted every major empire and we'll outlast this too!

Birgit Jones said...

Awesome campaign...Fr. Hollowell is a wonderful priest! Would you mind linking back to my blog? I have linked to yours. Blessings! I HAVE A SAY!!!

Birgit Jones said...

Hi there! Just wanted to remind you to link to the Catholic Sistas for their excellent post about this issue...they will have a video photo montage live tomorrow!

Mary Theresa said...

I have a say.
I have a say, because my daughter is and always was a child of God. This one true God gave His angels a command to guard her, and they did. I am ever grateful.
My daughter has three wonderful mothers. One of her mothers is the mother we all share, Mary, Most Holy. One is her birth mother, who carried her for months, guarding her own thoughts cautiously even as her obstetrician gave her reason after insulting reason why she should abort the living human in her womb. I am the recipient of God’s beautiful gift of life. I am the third of my daughter’s mothers: the least, but ever grateful mom of the beautiful , smart, clever and oh so full of life–saved by the Holy Spirit girl.
I have a say because my beautiful child was almost murdered by thoughtless doctors in a mind bending hospital who urge abortion and sterilization on our lower socio-economic citizens.
We have a say because we are Catholic. We are ready for the fight, and we are led by Love. My daughter and I have a say. Our priests and religious have a say. Our Catholic Schools have a say, and we will no longer be afraid.